Language Resource Providers
Appen Butler Hill
Appen Butler Hill provides sophisticated speech and language technology services and products and helps technology firms extend products with core linguistic components into worldwide markets.
European Language Resources Association (ELRA)
ELRA aims to promote language resources for the Human Language Technology (HLT) sector, and to evaluate language engineering technologies.
The Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) 
LDC supports language-related education, research and technology development by creating and sharing linguistic resources: data, tools and standards.
SpeechOcean is a provider of language resources and data services. SpeechOcean has more than 200 large-scale databases available in 40+ languages and accents, covering the fields of Text to Speech, Automatic Speech Recognition, Text, Machine Translation, Web Search, Videos, Images etc.
Our Services
The ACLP provides research, development and consulting services for industry clients that are either already in or are looking to enter the Speech Processing arena.